How Litecoin {LTC} leader Charlie Lee shunned Dash {DASH} and prevented the Coinbase listing

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It seems that all is not well for Charlie Lee. He had been vocal about Dash being a “scam” in the past, even though he had sold all his LTC tokens when Litecoin had reached an ATH.

This shows that Charlie only cares about lining his pocket with funds.

Till date, Dash is yet to be listed on Coinbase, even though it has performed well in 2019. For now, Dash is ranked at #15, and the price rests at $108.47. DASH had plummeted by 2.52% in the course of the past 24-hours. The circulating supply has 8,937,979 DASH tokens in play according to the latest available data.

The total market cap of Dash is $969.511 million, which might go beyond $1 billion by the end of July. As of this moment, the market looks bearish and Dash is in the red zone.

Dash has made lives for thousands in Venezuela and Nigeria a whole lot simpler. Their instantaneous transactions and the Masternodes have contributed to the growth of the ecosystem.

While Litecoin is still a top-ranked coin, adoption for LTC has sped up in 2019. The Flexa integration and the Miami Dolphins partnership had both helped LTC climb up. LTC is priced at $89.05, after it sunk by 2.91%. The total market cap of Litecoin is $5.592 billion.

The trading volume recorded is $2.756 billion. The supply has 62,798,343 LTC tokens involved.