Grow Ethereum Launched: Hackathon for Improving the Ethereum Network

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Yesterday, the 29th of July, was the first day of ‘Grow Ethereum’, a hackathon being hosted by Gitcoin till the 15th of August.

The hackathon is aimed at literally growing the Ethereum network, with coders and developers working to improve Ethereum’s scalability, improving usability and user experience, as well as pitching and developing “new world-changing dApps which can be built on their technology”.

Hackathon projects such as these are aimed at working for the Ethereum ecosystem’s future, with developers collaborating on improving the platform on which future developers will continue to build on in the future, creating a “decentralised world”.

What is the incentive?

Gitcoin has partnered with a number of sponsors who will be paying successful hackers in ETH and ERC-20 (Ethereum and Ethereum Classic’s cryptocurrencies) to fund the most impactful projects.

Hackers will thus be able to take advantage of powerful technology provided by the sponsors, which include Ethereum, UNICEF, MetaCartel, and AdEx and work on improving them.

The hackathon allows hackers to work on real-world projects such as improving AdEx’s decentralised ad network or improving scalability solutions on payment channels such as Raiden. In turn, the sponsors have the opportunity to outsource these issues to the thriving blockchain community, which as a principle, is decentralised in nature and thus contains a diverse pool of talent from all across the globe.

Their is also an opportunity to use blockchain for social good, with UNICEF, one of the sponsors, announcing blockchain projects such as the “Reducing The Digital Divide” challenge. UNICEF has called on developers to work on a blockchain-based system which can facilitate the connection of schools across the world to an appropriate supply of gigabytes, allowing more kids across the globe to access the best services the Internet has to offer.

This hackathon has been preceded by similar ones such as ‘Ethereal Virtual Hackathon’ and ‘Beyond Blockchain’,