Ethereum price prediction: the best time to buy Ethereum ETH is now

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Ethereum price data analysis reveals that the best time to buy Ethereum is now! The crypto space is filled with supporters of crypto coins that they deem fit.

A lot goes into saying when deciding the perfect cryptocurrency for oneself. The Ledger technology Implemented by giving it the coin’s trademark ‘touch’. The value that the cryptocurrency holds in the market, how comprehensive is its ledger structure, how many corporations are benefiting from it, etc.

This feels like a religious ground on which all contenders are competing to prove their steel or coins’ worth. Bitcoin (BTC) has undoubtedly dominated the market and is the highlight on the headlines.

As of now a Reddit user, DCinvestor, has his mind hooked up on Ethereum (ETH). It is like he’s found the solution to a quantum puzzle. Ethereum is the Schrodinger’s cat that is and isn’t. 

But its this state of superposition that is just enough to make it the Bitcoin of the future. According to Dcinvestor, ETH can potentially become global money and be the pioneer in the ERC20 token creation by serving as a hub.

What is the best time to buy Ethereum?

The launch of Ethereum 2.0 will allow ETH to provide more liquidity and amass move volume than it does now.

Dcinvestor has termed Ethereum as silver that will find new grounds to grow in the market and the enterprise with Bitcoin being the gold with not much to do but shine while Ethereum enjoys a diverse trust-free financial and non-financial cases.

Yes, Ethereum is trading at twelve percent (12.5%) of Bitcoin’s price and is considered as a sleeper at the 2md position on the list. Which is also why it is the best time to buy Ethereum since the currency is currently going through the month-to-date-lows.

It has been the only altcoin to keep up with the bitcoin and with the launch of Ethereum 2.0, things will be moving for Ethereum on the fast track on the first 2020 quarter.