Dash ecosystem reacts to criticism by creator of Litecoin, tweet gets deleted when heated debate ensues

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Dash is ranked at #15 on coinmarketcap. The price of DASH is at $111.17, after a decline rate of 4.57% was observed. The circulating supply has 8,944,842 DASH tokens in play as of this moment. The trading volume recorded in the course of the past 24-hours is $309.251 million. The total market cap of Dash is $994.375, which shows that some losses have occurred. Previously, a few days back the value was above the $1 billion mark.

On July 23rd, Charlie Lee typed this Tweet, which brought about immense backlash from the Dash community. He wrote, “…It was still fair with Litecoin as everyone had a fair chance to mine. What was unfair with Dash was that it was launched to friends only for the first few days. And then total supply reduced after the fact.”

“instamine” refers to blocks being mined at a faster-than-usual rate. This is meant to help a small section of miners, who are closely tied to the developers and the founders. In response to users going berserk, Charlie Lee said that LTC was also “instamined” on the launch day, but that was due to “thousands” mining. He further said that the instamined tokens account for “less than 1% of the total supply today”.

This has been disputed too. Evan Duffield, the man behind Dash, had to bear the brunt of Lee’s outlook towards dash. In the past, Lee had allegedly advised those at Coinbase against adding Dash on their platform. Charlie denies being involved in such a matter.

The Litecoin project was unveiled in late 2011, as a practical option for those who choose Bitcoin. Lee says the benefits of using the Litecoin network involve faster fund transfers, and the closely-knit community. Just as Bitcoin experienced halving back in 2017, right after the first week of August is over, block rewards for LTC miners will be halved. This may lead to some abandoning their activities.