Cool customer Josh Duhamel orders a scoop of butterscotch ripple at Kitty’s Ice Cream Garage in Rockton

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What do you do when a lieutenant colonel steps out of the world of Transformers and into a newly opened shop in Rockton? You serve him ice cream of course.

Kitty’s Ice Cream Garage had only been open for business for four days when a face straight out of Hollywood walked through its doors.

“We had noticed that the parking lot of the (Rockton) fairgrounds was full and we were wondering what was going on,” said co-owner Kitty Uhlemann of the events of July 16.

After inquiring, she was told that it was being used as a base camp for a production crew shooting a Netflix series.

“So, when people started to trickle in, I was asking them what their role was in the movie, what their job was on the production and the one guy came in and said he was Josh Duhamel’s driver.”

After making the driver some coffee, she and her husband Dave suggested he and Duhamel come in for a treat. The crew and principals had been shooting at a nearby farm and dropped by the Old Highway 8 shop.

“I looked up from making a coffee and I saw Josh because he’s so much taller than everybody,” said Uhlemann, noting she knew immediately that he was the Transformers actor.

Duhamel reportedly ordered a scoop or butterscotch ripple, one of more than 20 flavours on offer at the Rockton shop.

Located at 820 Old Hwy. 8 immediately adjacent to the fairgrounds, Kitty’s Ice Cream Garage also serves milkshakes, doughnuts, coffee and pop.