Chief evangelist of the Litecoin {LTC} foundation heads to Vietnam; price expected to recover

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The Litecoin Foundation has been instumental in pushing for worldwide cryptocurrency adoption. John Kim, who is the Litecoin Foundation’s “chief evangelist,” visited Vietnam. The purpose of this visit was to have an interactive session with Matt Luczynski, the founder and CEO of Travala.

As the halvening draws closer, investors are anxious about their returns. HODLers have also been waiting for this fateful day. The Litecoin Summit in Las Vegas will be held in October this year, and Travala is associated with the prestigious event as an official partner.

Luczynski has stated that his organization wishes adoption would speed up. He said, “We feature over half a million properties on our platform in 210 different countries, and our real vision behind Travala is to create an adopted use-case for cryptocurrencies all across the world…Our system actually gives out crypto to every single user that uses our platform, whether you use fiat or crypto, and that’s really one of our focus points…”

Litecoin is ranked at #5 according to the latest data. The price of LTC is at $80, and LTC sunk by 11.17%. The trading volume recorded in the span of the past 24-hours is $3.905 billion. The total market cap of Litecoin is $5.016 billion.

The circulating supply is comprised of 62,700,987 LTC tokens as of this moment. Just a few days ago, Miami Dolphins announced a partnership with the Litecoin Foundation. This move didn’t help the price gain momentum in the green zone, as the king coin keeps influencing the market.

Hopefully, the price would reach $100 by the time August dawns.