Blockchain Witness app launched – Taipei Times

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Local start-up BlockChain Security Inc (區塊科技) on Thursday last week launched the Blockchain Witness app, which offers digital evidence preservation solutions.

The app enables users to take photographs, record voice or store video and upload them in virtual blocks so that the data cannot be falsified, BlockChain Security chief executive officer Po Huang (黃敬博) told a news conference in Taipei.

“While we use more and more digital data as evidence in lawsuits or to protect ourselves in negotiations or handling a car accident, the other party often doubts whether the data is authentic, as people can easily falsify a screenshot, picture and even a voice record,” Huang said.

The beauty of blockchain technology is that no one can change the data after it is uploaded, he said.

Data uploaded through the app would be stronger evidence in lawsuits over insults on Facebook or the Line messaging app, he said.

Blockchain Witness uses GPS to automatically track the time and location of digital files that are uploaded, he said.

“Although the blockchain concept is not widely known among the nation’s courts and preservation of digital evidence in blockchains has not been adopted in Taiwan, we believe that judges should be familiar with the tool and recognize it as an effective way to preserve data,” Huang said.

Currently, digital files are only secondary evidence, as they are easy to alter, he said.

After the Beijing Internet Court in September last year set up an official blockchain for the preservation of digital evidence and China’s Supreme People’s Court last month launched its guidance for the use of blockchain for evidence preservation, more people have used the innovative method to record evidence, DaVinci Personal Data and High-Tech Law Firm (達文西個資暨高科技法律事務所) founder Simon Yeh (葉奇鑫) said.

Among cases where blockchain evidence was used, more than 90 percent chose settlement because of the stronger evidence, Yeh said, adding that he is upbeat regarding the new app.

Blockchain Witness provides 500 megabytes free of charge for now, Huang said.

As there is no reference for a similar service, the company would announce a rate plan in three months, he said.