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Bitcoin price could not rise above $ 10,800 and fell below $ 10,500.

Ethereum traded under the $ 220 support and the ripple price broke the $ 0.320 support.

NEXT, ABBC and TRX have fallen by more than 12% today.

The bitcoin price recently attempted to break higher than the $ 10,800 resistance level. The bulls, however, failed to gain momentum, resulting in a bearish response of less than $ 10,500. BTC / USD fell by more than 4% today and it seems that in the short term there may be more losses below $ 10,000. Similarly, many important altcoins, including ethereum, ripple, EOS, bitcoin and litecoin, have recently declined and traded under a few key supports. ETH / USD traded under $ 220 support and XRP / USD broke the main $ 0.320 support.

Total market capitalization

Bitcoin price

There was a new bearish reaction to the bitcoin price after it had not surpassed the $ 10,800 hurdle. BTC / USD broke the $ 10,500 and $ 10,250 support levels to enter a short-term bearish zone. It is currently (8:00 AM UTC) en route to the $ 10,000 support level. If there is a downward break of less than $ 10,000, the prize may lose to support levels of $ 9,750 or accelerate $ 9,600.

The good thing is that the initial resistance is close to the $ 10,300 level. The most important resistance, however, is close to the $ 10,500 level (the recent level of breakdown support). Closing more than $ 10,500 could mean a new rise in the short term.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price followed bitcoin and fell more than 4%. ETH / USD broke the main support of $ 220 and even traded under the support of $ 215. The price is now approaching the support level of $ 210, among which the price could review the support level of $ 200.

On the positive side, there is immediate resistance to the $ 217 level. The main resistance, however, is close to $ 220 (the recent support), which could form a strong barrier.

Bitcoin cash, eos and ripple price

Bitcoin Cash price traded under $ 315 support and it is currently struggling to reach the $ 300 support level. If there is a downward interruption below $ 300, BCH / USD can extend its losses to the support level of $ 280. On a positive note, the price for obstacles can now be close to the $ 320 and $ 322 levels.

EOS adjusted its recent profits and it has fallen more than 5%. There was a clear interruption below the support level of $ 4,150, so the price ran the risk of further losses under the support of $ 4,000. The following support is near the $ 3,850 level.

Ripple price could not break the support of $ 0.332 and recently fell below the main support of $ 0.320. XRP / USD drops by around 4% and is approaching $ 0.310 support. If there is a break of less than $ 0.310, the next stop can be $ 0.300.

Other altcoins markets today

In the past three sessions, many cap altcoins started a new decrease and decreased by more than 8%, including NEXT, ABBC, TRX, NEO, BTT, RVN, AOA, HC, LINK, NEX, GXC, BTM, IOST, ATOM and ONT. Of these, NEXT fell by around 18% and ABBC fell by nearly 13%.

Meanwhile, TRX fell after Justin Sun postponed the Warren Buffett lunch meeting.

In summary: the bitcoin price has broken the main $ 10,500 support and there is a risk of more losses under $ 10,000 support. If BTC / USD does not recover from $ 9,750, it can even test $ 9,600 or $ 9,500.