ArtPro Launches Initial Exchange Offering

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ArtPro is a peer-to-peer marketplace, smartphone app and provenance monitor, supported by immutable blockchain technology.

On 12th July 2019 ArtPro announced the details of its highly anticipated Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), which will be conducted across two participating exchanges, LATOKEN and ExMarkets. The IEO will begin on July 25th, with September 3rd the closing date.

CEO Oliver Hams said: “We’re delighted to confirm our initial exchange offering will commence on July 25th, and encourage anyone interested in acquiring ArtPro Tokens to register with LATOKEN or ExMarkets in advance to ensure they’re able to secure an allocation.”

To participate, users must register on with either exchange and purchase tokens via the IEO launchpad. Both exchanges will offer BTC/APT and ETH/APT trading pairs.

ArtPro is building the go-to platform for artists, collectors and casual buyers of art, utilizing a number of forward-thinking solutions including augmented reality (AR) that will help to catapult the sector into the new millennium.

ArtPro’s provenance solution will be built on blockchain technology, resolving the entrenched “chain of title” problem with a tamper-proof immutable record of ownership, in an industry where 1 in 3 works is estimated to be faked. As the Deloitte Art & Finance Report 2017 states, “authenticity, lack of provenance, forgery, and attribution” are “the greatest threat to [the artworld’s] reputation”. 

That reputation will be made safe in ArtPro’s hands.

The project vision also includes a peer-to-peer marketplace (dApp) where the sellers and buyers of art can connect, lowering the barriers of entry for emerging artistic talents and inviting a new generation of enthusiasts to involve themselves in the market. That market will be further served by an innovative augmented reality feature allowing prospective buyers to transform their mobile device or tablet into a viewing screen, inserting and viewing any piece of artwork from the ArtPro catalogue into any living area or office space. 

With the ArtPro Fund, the team will make investing and owning art more accessible than previously possible, with curated pieces voted on and selected by the ArtPro community.

To deliver on their roadmap ArtPro have assembled a strong team of art, business and technology experts and have built relationships with artists and galleries to ensure the ArtPro platform is filled with a broad selection of great artworks from day one.

Benefits of ArtPro:

  • Creates a direct peer-to-peer target market of artists and buyers
  • Democratizes art by lowering the barriers to entry for artists and collectors
  • Creates a diverse and well-stocked online marketplace, featuring art at various price points
  • With an Augmented Reality smartphone app ArtPro adds real-world utility, making it easier for the public to make purchasing decisions
  • Nurtures emerging artists of merit, making it easier for talented creatives to get discovered, thereby fostering the next generation of artists
  • Through the provision of detailed reports and investment guides, ArtPro educates newcomers on the world of art, empowering them to make informed investment decisions

The artworld is about to get a 21st century reboot.

To find out more about the ArtPro IEO visit

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