After a good day, Cardano {ADA} and the top altcoins bleed as market fluctuates

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Cardano is ranked at #11 on coinmarketcap. More than a few hours ago, the price was above the $0.061 level with a decent boost rate, now its back in the red zone. Bitcoin and the majority of the altcoins are currently bearish, with BTC having gone below $10,000.

Thus, I would say that many of the analysts who claimed Bitcoin would rise to $13,000 and beyond were wrong. The market is deeply volatile, and there has been very less signs of stability and growth. ADA dropped by 4.99% in a short span of time, and is priced at $0.058356. The total market cap of Cardano is $1.513 billion.

The trading volume recorded is $53.318 million. The circulating supply has 25,927,070,538 ADA tokens in play as of this moment.

This was an interview which was uploaded a few days ago. You can listen to Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK and the founder of Cardano, who referred to the “old world order” being petrified by decentralized systems such as Cardano, Bitcoin and many other digital assets.

He talked about how after World War II, powerful nations dominated over the rest of the developing world. And how economies were influenced by such men and women, which is all falling apart thanks to the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

He was optimistic about what was transpiring around the globe, stating that “times are changing”. Equality and fairness are the goals that Charles, Changpeng and many others are working towards, and we must aid them in their fight.

Cardano has been a good investment this year, though some believe that a ton of potential is yet to be realized. As newer features are unveiled, ADA is sure to bring in more followers who looking for a secure and a scalable blockchain network.

Also, the developers of Cardano are currently working on its liquidity, in order to bring in institutional investors. A sponsorship or a joint-project might be a good idea for Cardano. TRON is however, having a rather bad day, with the altcoin trailing at #12.