5 Million New Users in 10 Months for Coinbase!

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Coinbase, the largest US cryptocurrency exchange, has significantly expanded its user base over the past few months.

According to information shared by Bitcoinist, in September 2018, Coinbase had a total of 25 million users. With the crypto money market reactivated in early 2019, the number of Coinbase users also increased.

After September 2018, Coinbase made many different developments. A few months ago, the company announced it would provide cryptocurrency trading services in more than 100 countries. Coinbase was available in about 30 countries until one year ago.

The company also increased the number of cryptocurrencies on its platform during this process. Coinbase has begun to support large-scale alternative cryptocurrencies such as EOS and XRP over the past few months.

Stock Market Grows

The change has been caused largely due to a boom in the crypto money market. The market, which was in decline during 2018, started to react again in early 2019.

The cryptocurrency market gained momentum again after a long correction period and started to move upwards. The price of Bitcoin jumped over 10 thousand dollars in the process.

Coinbase’s own steps and market developments seem to have worked for it, because the data published on the subject shows that Coinbase has gained 5 million new users in a 10-month period. It is not known whether these users have switched to Coinbase from other exchanges or opened an account for the first time.