Will Bitcoin or Altcoins Save Investors From Macroeconomic Downturns?

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AMD has been releasing a more
powerful graphics card suitable for GPU cryptocurrency mining.  Nvidia was under the assumption that the
cryptocurrency market will never rebound. 
However, AMD was preparing for the next bullish cycle in the
cryptocurrency market. The current price rally is a clear indication for AMD to
be poised for a leg up in price.

Investors have been recently
flocking to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. 
This is evident in the recent price action of Bitcoin.

Hartnett opines, when it comes to
the investor’s appetite for Bitcoin, the interest is due to the high-risk and
high-reward investment strategy.  The
low-interest rate on the bonds yields unfolded eroded profits during the
recession period in 2008.

Investors have been forced to
take to a greedy trading strategy.  This,
in turn, has triggered investors to start aggressively trading
cryptocurrency.  This they did in the
hopes of capitalizing on the next Bull Run in the market.

Hartnett also felt that investors
are currently investing a lot in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as they are
supposedly trying to save themselves from the impending economic
recession.  This they do in the hope that
the crypto will protect them from macroeconomic downturns.

In a Dystopian market, the price
of the Bitcoin made a lot of sense.  

“We have long been skeptical
of cryptocurrencies’ value in most environments other than a dystopian one
characterized by a loss of faith in all major reserve assets (dollar, euro,
yen, gold) and the payments system.”

With the trade war happening
between the US and China, there is uncertainty in the market.  The effects are yet to unfold in the market.

Investors are now of the opinion with the right trading strategy; there are opportunities for building wealth with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  There are going to be ups and downs, huge gains, retracement, new rally; the value seems to be strengthening for the tokens uniquely.

The cryptocurrency market has
incredible potential.  There are barriers
to investment despite the Bitcoin Exchange being easy enough for everyone.  The boom and bust cycles are regular norms
for the cryptocurrency market.

While it seems that the prospects
for raising profits in the market are excellent, it is not easy to sell
cryptocurrencies very quickly.  There are
methods to make the most out of profit potential. Profiting from falling prices
and getting out of trades is not as easy. In cryptocurrency futures trading
investors can trade up to 100 X in leverage on their account deposits.