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人民网慕课“区块链学院”正式上线 – 36Kr

What happened: People’s Daily, the Chinese Communist Party media outlet, has launched an online academy for blockchain technology. The “Blockchain Academy,” which went live last month, was launched in collaboration with the open-source community led by Financial Blockchain Shenzhen Consortium, also known as FISCO BCOS. According to the description on People’s Daily massive open online course (MOOC), content includes underlying blockchain infrastructure as well as real-world blockchain applications. A number of free video courses are now available on the MOOC platform.

Why it’s important: The Chinese government has been an advocate for blockchain technology, although cryptocurrency exchange services and initial coin offerings (ICOs) are outlawed in the country. Blockchain talent is in high demand in China as it seeks to pull ahead of other technologically advanced countries in an increasingly competitive tech race. The central bank, for example, has been eager to recruit blockchain talents to help it create the country’s own digital currency. FISCO’s open source platform was built by a working group whose members include big-name tech companies such as Huawei, Tencent, WeBank, and Digital China.