Litecoin [LTC] lead market resurgence as TRON [TRX] and XRP still trading sideways

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As the market’s focus was firmly affixed on whether Bitcoin would breach $8,000 yet again, the altcoins stole the show. Litecoin [LTC], now the fourth largest cryptocurrency on the market continued to buoy the market with a massive double-digit price gain as other notable cryptocurrencies XRP and TRON [TRX] followed suit with sideways tendencies.

Litecoin [LTC]:

Digital Silver began the week rising from slumber, breaching resistance after resistance, as it marked a 10 percent price gain on June 11. Even as the aforementioned figure dropped to 8.12 percent at press time, Litecoin has been performing exceeding well, and right on the schedule gave the cryptocurrency will have its halving in August 2019.

Closing last week just above the $100, the cryptocurrency surged by over 20 percent to reach $120.54 by June 8. Once digital silver climbed, the bulls waved off with the price dropping by $5 in the next 48 hours, prior to the recent pump. Beginning at 1100 UTC on June 10, the cryptocurrency rose by 12.17 percent in less than 22 hours. The second incline began late on June 11, with the coin surging from $129 to its press time price of $140 an 8.52 percent gain. Since the week began the price soared by over 38 percent.

In a period of 7 days, the cryptocurrency added over $2.3 billion to its market cap, overtook Bitcoin Cash [BCH] in the process and has now amassed total valuation of $8.6 billion. Coineal takes the top spot for LTC volume, accounting for 9.18 percent of the total volume in the pair LTC/BTC. Other notable exchanges are Coinall, CoinEgg and DOBI Exchange, however, Binance is the highest ranking real exchange with 1.72 percent volume.




The premier bank coin which saw massive bullish swings towards the close of May has cooled off, and at press time, the altcoin is going through a 0.3 percent decline against the USD. XRP’s price began to slip on June 8 when it was priced at $0.428 and fell by 11.12 percent in just over two days. Following this dip, the resurgence for the cryptocurrency began, as the price recovered from the low by 6.05 percent to reach $0.403 at 1500 UTC on June 10. The price has since decline to $0.394, the crypto’s currency price.

With a period of four days, XRP’s market cap dropped by $1.3 billion to $16.68 billion. ZBG take the top spot for XRP trade volume with 7.3 percent, in the pair XRP/USDT. The 15th ranked Binance is the highest ranking real exchange with 2.09 percent XRP volume.


tron trx price

As the Sun-Buffet bulls backed down, TRX was hit with reality and barring the past couple of hours was in continuous decline since June 7. The cryptocurrency’s price dropped by 14.45 percent to $0.0296 on June 10, followed by an 8.5 percent incline recorded at 0300 UTC on June 12. At press time, the cryptocurrency is rising by 2.39 percent against the US dollar and is priced at $0.0316.

The market cap of the coin fell by $190 million in a four-day window to $2.1 billion. TRX is heavily traded at ZBG, which takes 19.19 percent of global volume in the pair TRX/USDT. Binance, in 11th, is the highest ranking “real” exchange with 2.23 percent volume.