Impossible levels for BTC/USD without Altcoins’ support

Fibo Quantum

  • Bitcoin has reached a daily high at $8,849.52
  • It has taken advantage of our editorial chart and follows your investments in real time.


Bitcoin is currently exceeding technical resistance at $8,400, trading at $8,444. The next cap is $8,800 – relative maximum – where it has previously failed in late May.

The upside move lacks the support of Ethereum or Ripple, which increases the possibilities of an impending bearish turn.

Indicators cast doubt about the integrity of the movement and fail to cross over to the upside.



The lack of upward momentum on the XRP chart, as well as Ethereum, are a heavy handicap for the Cryptocurrencies market.

News that indicates the adoption of the technology by giants like Facebook can be behind this rise. Others have suggested that the cause of this selective interest in Bitcoin has its origin in global political instability – as an economic war underway.

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