XRP envy?: FOMO strikes even the most anti-XRP traders

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While it could be argued that sentiment around all cryptocurrencies is currently sky high, a few Traders and analysts on crypto twitter have pointed out that XRP is looking particularly ripe for the picking; leading some to FOMO, and capitulate against their better judgment, grabbing a bag of XRP…

Right now, it could be argued that judging by the historical implications of a Bitcoin rally, one simply has to pick an altcoin at random in order to see gains.

It’s this very thought process that has led formally anti-XRP proponents to consider grabbing themselves a slice of what could be some very nice action.

On top of this, quite a few analysts and traders on crypto Twitter have pointed out that XRP actually has some potential.

DonAlt, a well known Crypto Twitter analyst, suggested that XRP may actually have legs, provided an alt season takes off. The analyst added that it may even outperform most majors:

This was followed by a few traders who acquiesced, and caved into buying a bag or two:

One trader pointed out that this may have started a trend, much to the pleasure of the XRP Army :

Another well-known analyst dubbed “The Crypto Monk” simply posted a graph depicting XRP reaching key levels of support, suggesting either a bull or bear scenario depending on whether that level held:

Since then, that support seems to have fallen through with XRP bouncing around 7000 sats:

However not all is lost, lead Analysts for Thinkmarkets Naeem Aslam, pointed out earlier today that XRP has strong support around $0.30, adding that in his opinion the “path of least resistance is to the upside.”

Aslam also noted, that given its designation as a low-price high potential stock, XRP can easily see gains of “2x or 3x compared to the Bitcoin price.”

Speculators may be prudent to shift some “spare BTC” into XRP. The cryptocurrency was one of the frontrunners during the alt run of 2017/2018 when XRP reached a peak of $3.77 gaining approximately 1400% from a price of $0.25 in under a month.    

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