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We are such dynamic beings.
I speak this as a human who is striving to allow all aspects of me to be acknowledged, without judgment or shame.
I told you that this week’s Ripple would be about vulnerability. It just so happens that I’m writing this while being immersed in vulnerability.
I share the following as a mirror to your own lives. Thank you for allowing the space for all of us to grow.
The journey of spiritual evolution never ends during our time on Earth. As humans, we have many layers of human stuff clouding the direct perception of our spirits.
My purpose on the planet is to peel away layer after layer, with a pure intention to feel and perceive more clearly through the eyes of my soul. Love is what beckons me deeper into the journey.
Love is a guardian angel, holding me in times of heaviness and despair, encouraging me to allow the flood gates to open so I can reap the benefits of reconcile yet another layer of the “human stuff.”
It is not only I who benefits, for greater compassion within myself is greater compassion in the entire world. The same is true for all who release the layers which cloud our spiritual perception.
In a personal relationship, I have been experiencing some recurring emotional triggers. The emotion is very old; I can even recall the early childhood memory, the moment the emotion was seeded within my being.
I’ve carried the emotion with me throughout life, for 30 years to be exact.
Most of the time I was unaware that I was carrying the emotion. I mistakenly believed that it was the outside world (situations, people) who caused me feel the emotion. In other words, I believed the outside world created the emotion. This was false.
The outside world just is. The planet spins in an orderly fashion, carrying aboard the disorder of humans who believe they are severed from their true nature as light bodies, souls, God’s seeds: made from God, inherently Divine.
The world did not create emotion. The capacity to emote is an innate attribute.
We use this attribute, developing emotions, and we carry those emotions with us to every relationship, every job, every new experience.
Sometimes, the conditions are perfect for the emotion to be triggered and brought forth into our conscious awareness.
I have shamed myself for a long time for having certain emotions. I have used my career, hobbies, habits to avoid feeling my emotions – because I was so scared and ashamed of them.
Staying busy buried the emotions beneath my surface. But often times, the conditions were perfect for the emotion to be triggered.
This is what is happening in all human conflicts.
Here are reasons resolutions are often impossible:
1.    People are unaware that they are carrying the emotion. Instead they blame the outside world for the emotion.
2.    People run from feeling the uncomfortable emotions, through masks, denial, consumption, blame busyness, and other distractions.
3.    People judge themselves for having the emotions.
4.    People have been conditioned to deny aspects of themselves. They assign judgment and linear definitions to life, thereby limiting the experience of themselves and limiting their level of understanding of others. Examples include the judgment:
“Men don’t cry. Suck it up and being a man means that you don’t cry or show tender emotion.”
“If you show emotion, it means you don’t have your stuff together.”
“It’s his fault for making me feel this way.”   
The most helpful work for personal and life balance today is inner-child work. There are so many dynamics to this, all well supported by scientific case studies.
Behind every emotional trigger is a child version of yourself who is begging to have a need met.
Only you can meet the need of that child.
We’ll explore more on emotional triggers and inner-child work in upcoming Ripples.