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Last week we discussed vulnerability and the psychology of your inner child. Let’s dive deeper…
Former NASA physicist, counselor, healer, and energetics expert Barbara Brennan provides extensive explanations derived from numerous case studies of the human condition.
Brennan found that humans experience life through the lens of our mental and emotional states, and that the quality of our experiences fluctuate depending on the age of our perspective at any given time.
Psychic time blocks can explain this more thoroughly. Brennan’s research found that when humans experience mental distress, emotional turbulence, or physical pain, this trauma is stored within our minds and bodies.
In other words, the mind and body will always remember the trauma unless it is healed on all levels of our being.
While we may not remember the trauma with our conscious minds, the trauma is still stored deep within our psyche and physical cells.
This is why people often experience emotional triggers. When someone does something to upset you in your personal adult life, the chances are nearly 100% that this situation is actually just resurrecting some early conflict that you have not reconciled.
Until INNER reconciliation has taken place, we will continue to be emotionally triggered by the world.
It is very challenging to reconcile our original conflicts because our minds are very tricky.
The mind always wants us to interpret the current situation literally, believing that we are angry because so and so made us angry.
While there may be a lot of truth to that, chances are that we have also been carrying that anger for a long time, and that the current situation is presenting us an opportunity to feel that anger so we can finally heal it.
I am going to use what some may consider an extreme analogy here. Even if you cannot relate to the particular situation, emotional triggers and psychic time blocks are still governing your experiences and perceptions of life.
Therefore, the following is useful for anyone who is human (if you look past the literal context to the deeper representation).
This is very, very challenging, I know – from firsthand experience.
I have experienced many forms of abuse, and in those situations it is challenging to feel your empowerment. The cycles of anger and sadness seem never ending, and you wonder what you did to deserve such treatment.
Sometimes you blame the abuser, but more often than that you blame yourself.
This self-blame may be completely unconscious. You may not think it, but you believe it on a very deep level of your being, and it is this belief which allows the cycle of abuse to continue.
The belief probably formed when we were quite young, probably one of the first times we experienced some form of pain and suffering.
Psychic time blocks occur when we experience some form of pain and do not reconcile that pain. It’s like an aspect of ourselves becomes frozen in time.
An emotional trigger happens when a current situation feels like an old situation.
It is as if we are viewing the current situation through the perspective of our former self.
We may even hear words in our mind which we have been saying throughout our lives, such as, “It’s not fair,” or “This always happens to me.”
If we can monitor our feelings and thoughts during a deep emotional trigger, then we can start to see these patterns.
We can hear the lament of our former selves, we can begin to feel and observe the particular psychic time block.
The feelings and thoughts may remind us of how old we were when we first starting feeling and thinking these things.
This is like traveling back in time to be with your inner child. This is a very real, very alive aspect of you which, according to Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, governs about 98% of your current perceptions, behaviors, and beliefs.
You may want to argue with this, but just spend a week playing with this information and see for yourself.
We’ll keep exploring this topic to provide you some tools for reconciling your past pain and internal conflicts so you experience more freedom.