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Wietse Wind, prominent contributor and a developer in the XRP community, is in the news after he announced that he would be partnering with Bitrue, a crypto-platform, to help serve the XRP community.

Bitrue announced the same in their tweet,

Wietse Wind tweeted,

“As you probably noticed @BitrueOfficial is a big XRP fan. As they offer many XRP pairs it was a no brainer to partner up to make it easier for users to deposit other cryptos to the XRP TipBot using @BitrueOfficial. Their tokens (🤣) of appreciation will go back to the community!”

With the new partnership, Bitrue users can now deposit other cryptos to the XRP TipBot, using Bitrue. Wietse Wind posted an image of other platforms for the same, attached below.

Source: Twitter

Wind elaborated upon the partnership in his subsequent tweet, stating,

“People will be able to login/register, deposit any coin and convert it into XRP. The deposit back to the TipBot will be made easier, and we’re aiming for a better integration in the future. However, they are working on some other things first.”

Wietse Wind changed the micropayments ecosystem for XRP with the development of XRP TipBot. The tip bot became quite famous among the XRP community and is not restricted to Twitter alone, but can also be used on other platforms like Reddit and Discord. Wietse Wind was further provided with an investment from Ripple’s arm, Xpring, to help further develop applications that will make use of XRP and also help users in the community as well.

A Twitter user, @CasinoCoin_CSC, commented,

“Wait… Does this mean we can deposit CSC into the tipbot when @BitrueOfficial lists CSC/XRP in about 3 weeks?! #dta”

Wind confirmed that the above was true. However, users must be registered on Bitrue to deposit any coin to tip bot and such a coin must be paired with XRP on Bitrue.