Monero XMR price analysis; 18 April 2019

Fibo Quantum

For the past two weeks, the XMRUSD duo is exchanging between sixty-two and a half dollars and seventy-two dollars ($62.50 and $72) levels. Since 2nd April 2019, the fast pace of the market was not able to breakdown the opposition at level seventy-two dollars ($72).

If the rates manage to break the said level of resistance, the flight will be dominant as it has been in the past. A few days ago, the worth chopped down to support of sixty-two and a half dollars ($62.50) to recommence an optimistic drive.

Later, the bulls continued its hulking drift to trial the resistance level at seventy-two dollars ($72). The bulls were unsuccessful in breaking the level of resistance, and hence the cost of the cryptocurrency was cut down the level of support at the price level of sixty-two dollars ($62.50).

In the meantime, the Stochastic is present in the overvalued region but directly above the forty percent (40%) range. This points at the fact that the worth us currently high and is indicating to buy.

On the 4-hourly chart, the worth of the company Monero is in a range guaranteed movement. Since the past two weeks, the bulls were unsuccessful in breaking the seventy-two dollars ($72) level on 4 instances which has now emerged as a resistance level.

The price level ($64) has failed to be broken on more than 3 instances during the said period. The breakdown of the price is looming for the cost of Monero. If the resistance level is successfully broken down during the price breakdown, the worth of cryptocurrency might rise above the one hundred and ten dollars ($110) price.

The breakdown of the price will perhaps belittle the worth of crypto to a new low of fifty-five dollars ($55). In the intervening time, Stochastic is away from the oversold region but is currently above the sixty percent (60%) range. This specifies that currently the prices are at a fast drive and is signaling a buy gesture.