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Since its inception, cryptocurrency has threatened to take over the global financial systems by storm. Although crypto has not gained total global adoption, evidence shows that itis progressing on a daily basis. The digital currencies are quickly gaining trust. Hence, big names like popular music and sports celebrities feel the urge to dive in and invest.

The most recent high profile name to enter into the crypto world is Serena Williams. The American Tennis player who is also the winner of 23 Grand Slam singles recently took to Instagram to publish her newly launched investment firm. Serena Ventures is the new firm that she alleges has invested into at least 30 companies that include Coinbase.

Serena explained in her post that her firm came about with the aim of giving opportunities to a variety of founders across many industries. The tennis icon revealed that she is passionate about the companies that promote basic necessities that keep society growing.

Serena’s investment in Coinbase is regarded as a means of fast-tracking cryptocurrency adoption by American and global wealthy celebrities. More high profile sports personalities are expected to follow Serena’s lead because of the position she holds in the world of sport.

Why Coinbase?

To trade in any cryptocurrency, a reliable platform is necessary. The platform stands as a means of communicating regularly and efficiently with the digital currency network. Coinbase is known to technically stand as an intermediary when trying to communicate with the blockchain and store digital currencies.

Coinbase is renowned as a Digital Asset Exchange Company (GDAX) since it offers a way to trade digital currencies. It also assists in sending information regarding all transactions completed to the blockchain network for authentication.

Additionally, Coinbase offers a wallet where the tokens can be stored. It has an application that converts Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many other digital assets with fiat currencies in at least 32 countries. Coinbase has allegedly completed the exchange of at least $50 billion worth of cryptocurrency. The platform has served at least 10 million investors throughout the world.

How to use Coinbase to trade cryptocurrency

To transact in cryptos using Coinbase, it is mandatory to link a debit card, credit card, or a bank account to fund the account. Remember that the transaction authentication delays for up to four days which attracts a higher transaction fee when using a bank account.

The same delays always apply to selling Bitcoin. You may have to wait for up to four days before you get an alert from the bank for sales made. On the other hand, credit and debit of debit cards attract lower limits. All that is necessary when buying cryptos is to fund the Coinbase account from the bank. The funding requires using a valid card that reflects in the wallet instantaneously.

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