Famous Bitcoin trader Tone Vays calls Litecoin [LTC], Monero [XMR], Ethereum[ETH] and XRP a scam

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Prominent cryptocurrency trader, Tone Vays, took to Twitter to criticize every cryptocurrency projects that are not Bitcoin and labeling them as scams.

According to Tone Vays, honest PoW (Proof Of Work) blockchains such as Litecoin and Monero[XMR] are not scams but rather a waste of time. And centralized blockchains or PoS based blockchains such as Ethereum and XRP are outright scams. He even criticized ICOs such as BNB, EOS, and Cardano (ADA).

Tone Vays tweeted,


He attacked Ethereum further by stating that his uncle who has been a truck driver for over 40 years has been more useful to the society rather than an Ethereum developer. According to him, Ethereum developers are just wasting their time working on Ethereum.

Tone Vays is pro-Bitcoin and has been trading since 2013, well before many other cryptocurrency projects were conceptualized. An economist, he was one of the first few people to recognize the long term potential of Bitcoin.

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