Blockchain powered proof of insurance project takes of for US

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Marsh has recently announced that it will be marketing and promoting its Proof of Insurance blockchain platform. As of now, this platform is only available for the US market.

Marsh is a global insurance and risk management firm. The Proof of Insurance blockchain platform was initially supposed to be a Proof of Concept blockchain platform until last year.

The basic function of this Proof of Insurance blockchain platform is to automate complex tasks that were previously carried out manually. This will increase the performance and will help speed up some of the processes for the client.

Marsh has decided to use a digital application exclusive to a small group of Marsh users as the first marketing strategy.

This app will allow the user to search, issue and reissue the insurance certificates on the clock whenever and wherever. Once this concept is working further features will be integrated into the platform over the course of 2019.

The CDO and CDAO of Marsh gave a statement saying that we are hitting a milestone in the improvement of Proof of Insurance blockchain platform.

They think that this platform is going to be the strong foundation for many more similar projects to build upon that will always be better than its predecessor.

The president of Marsh also gave his thoughts on the projects saying Proof of Insurance is a core requirement in running a business and industry in this day and age.

By making platforms like Proof of Insurance blockchain platform we are aiming to simplify the process of obtaining certificates.

By taking care of this trivial business more quickly and efficiently through the platform, the businesses will have more time focusing on strengthening and growing the industry and their businesses.