MEDIKEY: Blockchain Network to Reward Participants for Becoming Healthy

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SEOUL, South Korea–()–MEDIKEY,
a blockchain-based platform related to medicine and health, will unveil
a new system to reward participants for becoming healthy.

MEDIKEY rewards participants in MEDIKEY Coin and with certification of
mining (COM) for accomplishing medimission that specifies mission
schedule and goal to stay healthy.

stands for Medical Information Key on the Blockchain. Participants
provide health knowhow (Medi story) and their individual health
information (Medi Info) voluntarily on blockchain to share them with
other people and prove their usefulness. MEDIKEY is a blockchain network
that integrates AI, IoT and Big Data that represent the fourth
industrial revolution.

It is a service that creates value by applying the concept of sharing to
technologies used to identify individuals, share data and collect
bio-medical data.

‘ enables participants to share medical health story. ‘EX
(Experience Postscript)’ enables them to evaluate information by vote.
‘MEDIKEY AI + DR system’ estimates medical health data collected through
POX (Proof of eXperience), MEDIKEY APP and IoT devices, and suggests
mission schedule and goal for participants to stay healthy. Then through
MEDIKEY APP and IoT devices, ‘POM (Proof of Mission)’ proves whether
participants accomplished the mission.

It is noteworthy that MEDIKEY rewards participants in MEDIKEY Coin and
with certification of mining (COM) for sharing information and
accomplishing missions. COM is a blockchain point awarded separately
from MEDIKEY Coins. COM has no monetary value such as IPO, but plays a
similar role as Ethereum Gas used in DAPP activation and participation.

Blockchain technology enables transparent record of transaction data and
makes them accessible to anyone. MEDIKEY has applied such technology to
medicine and health. Estonia is a showcase of digital innovation as a
nation that has digitized all of its public services.

plans to launch exchange in the near future for participants to cash out
coins to pay hospital bills and purchase drugs, among others.

The Lympo system enables users to earn tokens by accomplishing fitness
missions as if they play a game on blockchain.

MEDIKEY launched the main net on Oct. 1, 2018 and has since sponsored an
array of health-related events.

MEDIKEY is listed on DigiFinex (,
one of the world’s top five Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

For more information, please contact MEDIKEY by email (