XYO and FedEx Partner for Blockchain Location Technology Project, Just in Time for Holiday Shopping

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XYO And FedEx Partner Up For Location Technology Progress, Just In Time For Holiday Shopping

There are few other companies that have the performance and the widespread attention that FedEx has. FedEx is responsible for employing nearly half a million workers all over the world and doesn’t miss a deadline without a natural disaster or federal issue in their way. They even have meteorologists on hand to help them with 14-day weather predictions to ensure that items are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Having real-time data for their locations is crucial to their success. After all, 14 million packages don’t get shipped out daily without being at the top of their game.

XYO saw this necessary piece of the puzzle as an opportunity to get involved.

As they wrote in their Medium blog,

“We believe our location data would be an outstanding additive to the FedEx delivery platform, that our relative location data can only enhance a hyper-advanced system that the delivery giant uses to reroute drivers when the roads ice over in Stamford, and storms roil Boeing 757 pilots when it’s snowing in Dallas.”

That’s how their new FedEx Institute of Technology program has come to be.

Right now, there are 14 available spots for companies to fill in FedEx at the University of Memphis. XYO’s role will be to “develop — and pitch — FedEx leadership on how our blockchain location data can improve upon their delivery platform, logistics systems, and more.” The platform will be directly involved with the executives and decision makers at FedEx to determine “how XYO tech can become FedEx tech.”

The announcement of the partnership was also posted to Twitter by XYO, which said,

“Who loves a @FedEx box on their doorstep? Or better yet– safely arrived in their home? WE DO! We’re working with @FedexInstitute because it’s time to disrupt logistics with the world LEADER in delivery!”

Read it here: https://bit.ly/2DT4Jz4