Thailand Based Wonderfruit Fest Aims To Offer Blockchain Technology

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The Wonderfruit Fest at Thailand gathers around 100 or more festival-goers under dozens of red Umbrellas in a semi-circle to understand Blockchain Technology. This makes Wonderfruit Fest stand unique among other music festivals. Along with music and booze, the festival also offers seminars on technology, sustainability and mindfulness to captivate young people from all over the world.

An engineer for ConsenSys, Ashoka Finley said:

Blockchain is such an insular community and it’s hard to break out of that bubble.

Finley addressed the crowd about Blockchain technology. He said that Blockchain technology can be so naval gaze-y, that one needs more conversations in spaces that are not Blockchain focused. The Eco Pavilion stage was full of speeches from activists to tech visionaries. And also the topics ranging from urban farming to biotechnology to decentralized waste solutions to simply finding oneself.

The director of brand and creative solutions at Google, Lance Diaresco, presented a meditation seminar. Hence encouraging the audience to face their fears by anthropomorphism and speaking to them. The co-founder of jagex, Constant Tedder was one of the most high profile speakers at the event. He said he was surprised to see such a large crowd waiting to see him talk about the environment.

Wonderfruit was the first opportunity he first took to talk about his new project, This project is still in progress and is useful to track the effects of climate change effects and environmental destruction through satellite imagery. This project also aims to track the loss of flora and fauna worldwide.

The Wonderfruit Fest is yet to bring the technology to forefront. Wonderfruit has its own mobile app with an interactive map and programme line-up. Previously, blockchain technology was helpful to plant trees in order to offset the environmental costs of festival. The whole event is cashless, as the audience load money on their wristband and scan it purchase food and drinks.

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Thailand Based Wonderfruit Fest Aims To Offer Blockchain Technology


The annual arts, music and lifestyle festival, Wonderfruit Fest introduces to its new crowd the power of Blockchain technology.



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