Ripple Releases the Seventh Episode of Ripple Drop

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The seventh episode of The Ripple Drop featuring OMNI’s Founder and CEO, Thomas McLeod, Xpring’s SVP, Ethan Beard, and Ripple’s Head of XRP Markets, Miguel Vias, is now out!

The episode starts with Ripple’s Producer and Editor, Reinhardt Cate, interviewing McLeod about OMNI. Cate asks McLeod about the long-term plans the company has to which McLeod replies:

“We’re looking to connect the whole world through things. Right, so we started with this idea of storage and collecting things and now we’re building out an entire rentals marketplace. So there’s a world in which everything that you have you should be able to connect with other people and other people should be able to use those things as well. So if you have a bike and you’re not using it someone else can use it when you’re not using it and now you can also make money on top of that.”

Cate then told McLeod that he had read that OMNI recently incorporated XRP on their platform. He then asked McLeod about what XRP does for the platform and also what it means for the users of the platform. replying to Cate, McLeod said:

“We think long-term, we are kind of a bank. And so, instead of just having assets that you think of like fiat currencies, like dollars and yen, we have bikes and books and camping equipment. And those are actually assets. It became very clear that this could be a great tool for both providing vast rapid liquidity for sort of cashing out the capital that you make through the rental side, as well as in the future, connecting individuals quickly with those assets what springs objective.”

Cate then interviewed Xpring’s SVP, Ethan Beard, and asked him about Xpring and what they’re trying to do. To this, Beard replied that it is an initiative for focusing on new use cases for XRP, the ledger outside, and cross-border payments.

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He is then asked about the future of the company to which he replies:

“For Xpring, we’re focused on a couple different things. As I mentioned, XRP payments is an important one. I think the other that we’re spending some time digging into is looking at the tokenization of real-world assets.”

Lastly, Cate goes ahead and interviews Ripple’s Head of XRP Markets, Miguel Vias. He asks Vias about what new use cases for XRP do to the global liquidity, to which Vias replies saying:

“It’s incredibly accretive to global growth of liquidity, especially for XRP if it’s being used in those flows. If you look at other markets, the driving force of FX liquidity is not speculation. It’s not liquidity provisioning by market participants. It’s the use of that liquidity by real businesses. The more liquidity you have, the tighter spreads, the more efficient X rapid and XRP EMA.”

Last month, Ripple entered a strategic collaboration with CIMB Group. About the collaboration, the CEO of CIMB Group, Tengku Dato’ Sri Zafrul Aziz, said:

“We are delighted to be part of RippleNet and look forward to a fruitful partnership with Ripple by leveraging each other’s strengths and capabilities. This innovative blockchain solution will revolutionize international cross-border remittances, and is a testament to CIMB’s ongoing efforts to enhance its digital banking proposition by providing speedy and cost-efficient solutions to our customers across ASEAN.”

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple said:

“We’re seeing banks and financial institutions from across the world lean into blockchain solutions because it enables a more transparent, quicker and lower cost payments experience. CIMB’s network already spans 15 countries, nearly 800 branches and offers Speedsend — one of the best solutions in the ASEAN region. Now, by integrating Ripple’s blockchain technology, they will enable their customers to send vital funds to family, friends and loved ones more efficiently. With its focus on innovation, CIMB will continue to be a dominant force in the region for years to come.”

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