Magical Crypto Friends’ FluffyPony (Monero’s Riccardo Spagni) Calls Out BAT For Being Centralized

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Upon the release of the 14th episode of Magical Crypto Friends, more cryptos seem to have been reported upon. As seen in the tweet below, some of the tokens that were discussed upon include Basic Attention Token [BAT], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and its hard fork, BSV to name the least.

Interestingly, news outlet, AMB Crypto also covered this story and it looks like BAT has been deemed as much more centralized than one would assume. In particular, it was none other than Fluffypony, also known as Riccardo Spagni, Monero’s developer, who happens to share this viewpoint about BAT. He trusts this to be the case because those in control are the ones who determine whether users get their share or not.

As per Spagni’s claim, BAT effectively rids one of their funds through a loophole. He further added:

“Permissionless scamovation indeed! […] Users are NOT going to go and buy BAT when their airdropped tokens run out, no matter how slick.”

He also argued the reason that BAT is scamming users is because of the level of friction present. As food for thought, Spagni questioned whether users would “(1) disable their ad blocker, (2) pay the publisher or (3) just close the tab?”

Seeing this, a Twitter user, Patrick, responded on the perks of the system, in which users get the opportunity to make 70% share of the revenue generated through advertisements. While Spagni did seem to agree on it, he was quick to argue that, “the browser lock-in is short-sighted.”

Getting back to the episode, Spagni was particularly interested in Proof of Browsing along with the KYC/AML Process. According to the lead developer, the duo is required by users, otherwise the supposed money is taken away.

More specifically, he said:

“I mean it’s not […] yours yet because you haven’t withdrawn it […] At the end of the day that’s no different from a database because you know they’re controlling everything, they’re controlling the influx of supply into the market, they’re controlling whether or not somebody legitimately earns that.”

Do you think users (i.e. content publishers and those using created content) are being played by BAT’s system? Let us know why/why not in the comments below.