Ethereum price flash crashes to $13.05 on Coinbase

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Ethereum has flash crashed for a short period down to $13.05 on popular digital assets exchange Coinbase

Ethereum is currently trading at just over $100 today. However, it appears some lucky traders may have had the opportunity to pick up some Ethereum at well below the current price. 

Coinbase recently experienced what looks like a flash crash on the ETH/USDC pair as the price plummeted down to $13.05

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One lucky twitter user names @ColeGarnerBTC tweeted about the price drop stating “Filled all my low orders. ALL OF THEM. Sickeningly low!”

No one really knows why the price took such a sharp dive, but one can speculate that a desperate individual or possibly an ICO decided to exit the market in bulk and market sell all their ethereum on the book, taking the price all the way down to $13.05 until all its ethereum was sold. 

The price crash appears to have only happened on the one trading pair, with Eur and BTC pairs unaffected. Someone clearly had a bad day and market dumped all their ethereum. 

Well played to the low ball buy orders that got filled. 

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