Coinbase user gets Twitter help to recover funds lost in mistaken transaction

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A Coinbase user just had a lucky day, as he got saved by an anonymous Twitter hero after mistaking his BTC deposit address for a LTC one.

After getting in touch with the exchange about the transaction, which amounted to almost $2,400, Coinbase claimed that it was irreversible and the funds were no longer recoverable. A further concern for users is the lack of a warning or restriction in place to avoid sending coins to wrong addresses.

Twitter user @brian_trollz apparently helped the victim of the mistake into recovering his assets, thanks to the similarity between BTC and LTC generation curves for public and private keys.

A quite plausible explanation of the whole problem was offered by a redditor who argued that the solution was probably out of the knowledge of most customer service staff at Coinbase, while he also requested a better protocol if a similar situation should ever happen again:


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