Chinese Students Raising Awareness For TRON Blockchain

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Last week, reports came out regarding the TRON Foundation and how they’ve recently organised an event to get closer to the community of university students. The Foundation organised the TRON to the Future, Blockchain Technology and Ecosystem event in partnership with the worldwide blockchain crowd selling incubator platform DOGI at one of the biggest schools in China, Peking University. The event saw over 200 students from the university attend with blockchain industry leaders to raise more awareness about the technology.

Blockchain awareness

Numerous opinion leaders were invited to the event as both guests and keynote speakers. Some of the speakers included TRON’s development community VP, Cong Li, Yongquan Xiao (co-founder of DOGI), Quan Li (partner at Capital), Yufei Ding (Huobi Research Institute) and many more.

Members of the blockchain research team of the prestigious Chinese University spoke at the event too which included postgraduate student Kunpeng Ren and Junyan Chen who is a PhD student at the institution.

Introducing the TRON ecosystem to the audience was Cong Li in discussing the one of a kind benefits that it holds. Li also added that TRON fixes the issue of throughput, scalability and costs. As reported by blokt, in addition to this, Project Atlas was also mentioned. The ambitious project by TRON joins together BitTorrent’s P2P network with blockchain to make a decentralised platform for content distribution.

On the other hand, the co-founder of DOGI spoke about blockchain based games and the company’s outlook for that space.

“Blockchain has established a set of stable and transparent rules. The rules themselves set up concrete constraints on the number of items in the game, the production mechanism, the growth mechanism of players and the gameplay mechanism. These rules are becoming the rules that players can truly trust and rely on.”

In other TRON related news, last week’s weekly report by the TRON Foundation looked into the technical projects and community development efforts the team have been working on. It was announced by the Foundation that tests for a multi-signature wallet are underway. Also mentioned by the Foundation was the Tik Tok contest, the TRON ecosystem co-builder plan and recent meetups with university students.

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