Binance vs Coinbase: Who has the most users?

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Long hash has released details related to how many users are on several top cryptocurrency exchanges with the top 2 being Binance and Coinbase. The question is, who takes the top spot? 

According to a report by Longhash, who put together a report that included the total daily active users on exchanges around the world, Coinbase leads the rankings in total daily users. 

Most would have thought Binance would have taken top spot, but Coinbase came in as the highest ranked daily active user count with 422,000 users. Binance came in second with 313,000 users. Okex and Huobi topped off the top 4 with 105,000 and 101,000 respectively. 

No other exchanges cleared over 100,000 daily active users. 

The report also managed to capture the average transaction volume per visitor, which comes in at more of a surprise. The average transaction volume per user on Coinbase is $189. While the average transaction volume per user on Binance is $2137. That is a massive difference compared to Coinbase. The average transaction volume per user on Bitfinex was an astounding $3518.

Low visitor count can be attributed to the year long bear market which curbed visitors to exchanges. 

Coinbase appear to be leading the race for daily visitors, and the low transaction volume per user is more indicative of a wider audience and mass adoption. The race to be the top crypto exchange appears to be intensifying.

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