XRP, Monero [XMR] and Ethereum [ETH] get another positive push with new listing despite bearish atmosphere -AMBCrypto

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On Monday, November 26, Vertpig.com, a website that allows users to swap between cryptocurrencies announced that they were currently working on integrating XRP, Monero [XMR], Ethereum [ETH] and Ethereum Classic [ETC]. Vertpig also informed users that these coins will be available over the coming days. The company announced on Twitter:

“As well as integrating EUR and GBP to Buy & Sell all coins Vertpig has listed. A big couple of weeks coming up, Make your next trade on Vertpig!”

Post the announcement, Drone1, a Reddit user stated:

“It’s great to see the rapid adoption of XRP by a lot of organizations. This shows that Garlinghouse and Larsen are on the right track. All hail Ripple and XRP!”

This is not the first time that XRP has gained popularity within the cryptoverse, with recent reports showing that XRP and Tron were voted most popular to be added on ICE’s Bakkt. Bakkt’s CEO Kelly Loeffler had said:

“With product launches, there are new processes, risks and mitigants to test and re-test, and in the case of crypto, a new asset class to which these resources are being applied. So, it makes sense to adjust our timeline as we work with the industry toward launch.”

XRP’s reach has been propagated by its proponents in a varied way, the main example being Wietse Wind, the creator of XRP TipBot announcing a new update on the micropayments platform. In his tweet, he wrote:

“Paper Account @XRPTipBot update: you want to know who activated your gift and who didn’t, right? 😇 Paper Accounts will now have an ID at the top left corner, listed at https://www.xrptipbot.com/app/share as well. Name the Paper Account, and receive a Push notification upon activation”