Verge (XVG) DEV Update Ahead of Tokenpay (TPAY) and Litecoin (LTC) collaboration benefits – Crypto Recorder

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The secure privacy focused Verge (XVG) team takes time to update the community on the latest developments as the networks anxiously awaits the collaboration with Litecoin (LTC) and Tokenpay (TPAY) to become a reality.

The Verge development report is released every two weeks and is written by some of the network’s developers. However, this is a comprehensive report that aims to put all the ongoing and completed developments in one release. The team keeps the community informed via the man social channels including Twitter and Reddit.

This week’s agenda for the development team is to give an update on the progress of the desktop wallet, the Android wallet as well as the iOS wallet. The desktop wallet has seen the introduction of a wallet service that gives the user faster response time, beefed up user experience and improved import/export of keys. One of the greatest news is that the desktop wallets will not require synchronization. This has greatly improved the speed making the process seamless and instant.

On the other hand, the iOS wallet development focused mainly on transaction views. In this case, the developer, Swen van Zanten worked on search mechanisms and stage transactions. For the users of Verge (XVG) iOS wallet you will notice a change in the receiver view. It has been made to look exactly as the send view, only present in the flip-side. Moreover, the developer has integrated a QR code that sits next to the XVG address. Further development is that the receiver can now set the funds to receive to the QR code. The same is relayed to the sender who will then send the exact amount indicated. In addition to that, users can share their QR code on social media using the iOS share interface.

The Android wallet developer put an end to the beta test. He (the developer in charge), however, set up a tool he calls a testfairy that allows other people to help with the test and to get better insight into the working of the wallet on various android devices. There has been an improvement with the transactions views. The developer is looking to add a search bar and improve the organization of the transactions in the metrics of date, amount and address.

In other news related to Verge (XVG), the much anticipated yields of the collaboration with Tokenpay (TPAY) and Litecoin (LTC) are soon becoming a reality. It is expected that these three networks will take the crypto space by storm. Some of these great advantages include the Verge debit card. The Verge community particularly is delighted and anxious to reap the benefits of the partnership which will spearhead mass adoption of digital assets around the world.

Litecoin (LTC) brings the latest technology to the partnership in addition to the vast experience the network has in marketing. The benefits will trickle down to the Tpay digital asset and TokenSuise Management. Moreover, it will be easier for Tokenpay to develop a Multisignature Transaction engine and contribute greatly to the WEG Bank FinTech Platform. Verge (XVG) is bound to greatly benefit from the issuance of debit cards. The cards will be instrumental to the mass adoption of digital assets in the world with a direct impact on cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

At the moment, Verge (XVG) is trading at $0.012653 following a 2.4% drop in the last 24 hours. The asset has a 24-hour exchange volume of $2 million and is ranked the 43rd largest crypto with a market cap of $191 million.