Remember PornHub? Here Are Reasons Verge (XVG) May Land On Bakkt Before Other Altcoins – Today’s Gazette

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Verge (XVG) –The cryptocurrency community is waiting for the launch of Bakkt come January. There is widespread belief that Bakkt may reshape the space with its grandstanding introductions of Bitcoin futures, and for the fact that it is owned by New York Stock Exchange’s owner.

While Bakkt is set to take Bitcoin futures as an important listing on its platform, it intends introducing more cryptocurrencies in the nearest future. As Tron and Ripple’s XRP are prepared to be the first altcoins to be listed on the platform, it is hard to first state that Cryptocurrency like Verge will lead others to the platform since the first 10 altcoins do first find their ways to the platforms wanting to adopt crypto.

However, remembering how Verge (XVG) first landed on MindGeeks’ platforms should make no one doubt that the cryptocurrency do not have what it takes to find its way to the platform.

MindGeeks is the owner of PornHub and some other adult platforms servicing multimillion daily users. PornHub is the largest pornographic-video platform in the world.

The strategic partnership with PornHub was a surprise to many people for the fact that cryptocurrency adoption do start with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, as seen in some notable listings.

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Nonetheless, Verge led all cryptocurrencies by first landing on PornHub ahead of other. Many things are working for Verge. Its crypto community comprises intelligent and ready to serve people. They are first in supporting Verge and in most occasions, they seal partnership deal for the privacy currency.

When the deal between Verge and PornHub was about to be sealed, the crowdsourcing program that preceded it was achieved courtesy of the support gotten from VergeFams and TokenPay (TPAY). The enthusiasm to seal mighty deals did not stop with PornHub.

Verge just sealed a deal with NetCents. The two platforms are working on Project Mass Adoption. Since the partnership, NetCents has achieved myriads of goals. Its cryptocurrency gateway is being deployed by big firms across the world. Few days back, NetCents announced it is extending its tentacles to over 60 countries.

If VergeFams are ready to employ the same zeal used during the PonrHub, NetCents partnerships, among other collaborations, then the cryptocurrency has the chance to first land on Bakkt ahead of other cryptocurrency.