Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD Has Fallen Through Vital Support; Where Next?

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  • ZEC/USD is running at four consecutive daily sessions closing in the red.
  • Chunky buying interest looks healthy within the $100 price region.

ZEC/USD is currently stuck within a very stubborn bearish trend, as seen across the crypto market wide. Several key areas have been breached, however the ZEC/USD bulls are heavily defending vital support territories. The price is running at its fourth consecutive session in the red, having lost over 25% within this trading period.

Recent Bull Failure

As covered in the previous article, the bulls were penetrating near-term stubborn resistance, seen just above $140 territory. Six solid sessions, ZEC/USD had tried to break above, but very much so failed, as a result, the price headed deeply south. Large spikes in volumes were seen with the move lower. It was forced to its lowest levels in over nine weeks.

Downside Targets

ZEC/USD daily chart

First of all, looking to the downside, there is much cover in terms of safety nets for the falling price. Chunky areas of demand are seen tracking from $108 all the way down to $96. In the latest moves lower, buyers have heavy defended a total free-fall. The mentioned demand region did prove its reliability back in the middle of September, during a heavy bear market.

ZEC/USD weekly chart

Observations from the weekly chart look potentially dangerous, should the bearish momentum maintain its current course. A firm breach through the $100 buying area could be devastating. The next firm area, given this is very much uncharted, can be seen at the round $90 level, which is a weekly support area. Further to the downside, $75 is the next target. This is a consolidation area, which was seen prior to the chunky bull run from the back end of April to June.

Above all, price behavior still points to further potential heavy moves lower. Following the weighted pressure on Wednesday and Thursday, price action has stabilized, trading in a consolidation nature. The range has narrowed, moving within $114 – 107. As a result, the current formation can be perceived as a bearish flag pattern, which is subject to extended moves south.

ZEC/USD 4-hour chart

Upside Targets

The $100 territory is very much attractive, as detailed above, historically for buyers. Should bullish momentum kick in around these levels, there is opportunity for a strong upside run. The ZEC/USD bulls will need to retest $140 area; given the number of times this has been tested, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a fast breach. Finally, looking further north, $160 could come quickly into play, high area of early September.

Disclaimer: The author owns bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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