Internxt Says Its INXT Token Is Now Supported By Coinbase Wallet

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INXT is the latest token to be supported by the Coinbase Wallet. Users can now securely store their INXT using the wallet, instead of keeping them on an exchange. The wallet allows users complete control over their INXT tokens, whether they wish to store, send, receive or spend their coins.

Previously, Internxt coins were only supported by a few exchanges and the Trezor Hardware, a cold wallet in for of hardware.

However, it’s worth noting that Coinbase Wallet doesn’t support purchase of INXT token. If you want to acquire these tokens, then you have to visit the official website or exchanges, which include Mercatox, Latoken, IDEX, and

About Internxt

Internxt is a platform designed as an economy, allowing users to use its native token INXT as a means of payment to those who participate in the X Core network. Currently, there are 629,000 INXT available, and the company says that no more will be generated in the future.

About Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet is not to be confused with Coinbase, the popular cryptocurrency brokerage. Although Coinbase Wallet is under the umbrella of Coinbase, it’s basically a user-custodial digital currency wallet. This means you can use it without necessarily owning the Coinbase Consumer account.