Coinbase Crypto Company To Teach Crypto And Talk Blockchain At AWS re:Invent Conference

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Coinbase has recently announced that it will be present at the annual Amazon Web Services (AWS) learning conference AWS re:Invent that will take place in Las Vegas. The information was released by Tammie Kong-Santos, Engineering at Coinbase, in a blog post a few days ago.

Coinbase is one of the largest and most popular crypto-related companies in the cryptocurrency market. According to the blog post, members from the product and engineering teams will be present at the event. The AWS re:Invent conference will take place between November 26 and 30. The main topics are related to blockchain technology, reliability and scaling infrastructure, among other things.

Forbes reported that the event is expected to set new records. Last year, the conference registered 43,000 attendees and was able to take almost all Las Vegas Strip.

In the blog post, Coinbase says that they have a special relationship with Amazon on many different levels. AWS is currently powering almost all the infrastructure at Coinbase. This includes storage, databases, analytics and more. Furthermore, Coinbase mentions that Tim Wagner joined the team after working on Amazon as the General Manager of AWS Lambda.

Later in the blog post, Coinbase compares itself with Amazon and the path both companies followed. Coinbase started the year with 250 employees and it currently has 600. The main intention is to show that Coinbase is in the market for the long term.

It is possible to watch the conference over Twitch featuring Niall O’Higgings, Engineering Manager of the Coinbase Site Reliability Engineer team, Graham Jensen, Technical Lead on the Coinbase Infrastructure team, Kristen Stone, Product Manager of the Coinbase Cryptocurrency Payments team, and Jake Craige, the team’s Technical Lead.

Moreover, Jack Kearney, Senior Software Engineer from the Coinbase Custody team, will be present at the event. A few days ago, Coinbase Custody added support to the XRP virtual currency generating a lot of hype among the XRP community.