Coinbase Announces That It’s Attending the AWS re:Invent Conference in Las Vegas Next Week

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The annual Amazon Web Services (AWS) learning conference AWS re:Invent will witness participation from Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the US. Coinbase announced on its blog on Tuesday that members from its product and engineering teams will be present in Las Vegas between November 26 and 30 to speak about scaling blockchain infrastructure, site reliability, and to teach about cryptocurrencies.

The Special AWS and Coinbase Connection

In the blog post, Coinbase talked about its long and steady relationship with AWS. Coinbase noted that AWS powers almost the entire infrastructure of Coinbase- going all the way from analytics to storage and databases.

The exchange’s VP of Engineering Tim Wagner was formerly the general manager of AWS Lambda and one of the pioneers of serverless computing. Coinbase also stated that the two are on a “mission to build an open financial system for the world” and bring the utility of digital currencies and blockchain forward.

Coinbase further noted a few similarities in the way Amazon weathered the storm and became a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. It suggests that Coinbase has quickly grown 250 employees to over 600 in just the past year, showing that the company is in the game for the long run.

Coinbase’s Program at AWS Re:Invent

The AWS re:Invent event brings together system administrators, architects, developers and technical decision makers in the field of cloud computing. The event brought together over 43,000 attendees on the Las Vegas Strip last year. Coinbase noted:

“This year, re:Invent is anticipated to set new records, and the Coinbase team is pThiroud to be contributing to the learning aspect of the conference, as well as facilitating some after-hours mingling time with our fellow attendees.”

On Tuesday, November 27, Niall O’Higgins, engineering manager of the Coinbase Site Reliability Engineering team will co-present a session on process building and scaling with Datadog. Later in the day, Graham Jensen, the technical lead of the Coinbase Infrastructure Team will talk about the exchange’s use of Step Functions.

On Wednesday, product manager of the Coinbase Cryptocurrency Payments Team Kristen Stone and technical lead Jake Craige will hold a Cryptocurrency 101 & 201 session. The exchange will also host the Coinbase Crypto Happy Hour in the evening. On Thursday, a senior software engineer from Coinbase Custody team Jack Kearney will talk about the exchange’s blockchain infrastructure.




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