91% of Ripple Employees Say Their Workplace Is Great

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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies form a fast-moving and highly volatile industry with many challenges and rewards. After all, building and introducing new disruptive technology to the world is not an easy task. However, at Ripple, they seem to have gotten their working environment just right as according to reviews at Great Place to Work, 91 percent of Ripple employees find the company a great place to work.

Monica Long Announces on Twitter

Ripple’s SVP of marketing Monica Long shared a link to the Great Place To Work reviews on her Twitter, saying:

According to the ratings, 98 percent of employees consider Ripple great for challenges, 96 percent believe it has a great atmosphere, and 95 percent believe it has great rewards. 96 percent of employees also believe that the company has great bosses and communication while a whopping 99 percent take great pride in their work and workplace.

About 97 percent of employees at Ripple are also willing to go the extra mile to get the job done while 96 percent suggest that they are able to get time off when needed. The company, founded in 2012 has 284 employees worldwide, 235 of which are based in the US.

What Does Ripple Provide Its Employees?

Ripple provides 100 percent company-paid health coverage to both full-time workers and part-timers and 65 percent company-paid health coverage for dependents. Part-timers need to clock in 30 hours per week to be eligible for health insurance. The company also provides unlimited vacation paid time off and unlimited sick paid time off. Ripple provides a flexible schedule, used by 100 percent of its employees and a telecommute option, used by 50 percent of the employees. The entire workforce has access to on or off-site fitness.

Ripple also provides employees 80 days job-protected maternity leave and 60 days of job-protected paternity leaves. Adoptive parents also get 80 days of job-protected parental leave.




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