Why Apple must be looking into using blockchain

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Everyone who can is looking into using Blockchain and Apple is no exception, though it will be a long time before we see any consumer-facing implementations of this.

Apple looks at lots of technologies

If it’s on the Gartner Hype Cycle you can bet a few bucks Apple is looking at it.

That’s why I think it will eventually introduce a 3D printer that works in conjunction with ARKit (unverified prediction), and also why it must be thinking about how to use blockchain.

There has to be some way the distributed, decentralized ledger system that can record (and verify) every transaction may be useful to such a huge company. Its internal supply systems would surely benefit.

Business processes

Think about how blockchain could be used internally at Apple: iTunes and apps sales and Apple ID information, sales ledgers, stock and inventory control..

Apple has all the internal processes of any other major multinational, and every blockchain evangelist has an argument that the distributed ledger technology can make these processes more efficient and more secure.