Upgraded BitKan App Now Much Faster, Wallet Supports Most ERC20 Tokens

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The BitKan mobile app has been upgraded to optimize the performance of the Markets function, greatly improving user experience while checking digital asset prices. The app’s wallet now supports most ERC20 tokens on the market today, as well as adding more news sources, optimizing startup speed, and shortening users’ waiting time, registration and login process.

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Major Improvements for Token Support

With this upgrade, the wallet function has undergone major improvements. Up until now, the BitKan wallet has supported mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BCH, ETH, QTUM, DASH, SAFE. That now includes all tokens based on the ERC20 standard and Bitcoin (BTS).

All this means it now covers over 98 percent of available cryptocurrencies in the market. The update will add Bitcoin (BTS) wallets and GAT wallets, as well as the USDC stablecoin wallet from Circle. Users can now do an ERC20 token search and add new token functionality.

‘Community Wallet’ Concept

The new version of the “community wallet” concept promotes a more ecological layout for paying for content, plus community rewards and one-click airdrops for different projects.

BitKan first launched its wallet function in 2013. It has proved well-secured thus far and is supported and trusted by millions of users. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS.

BitKan thanks all its users, past, present, and future, for their support.

About BitKan

BitKan was founded by four former employees of Huawei Technology in 2012. The startup has rapidly scaled to become one of China’s leading providers of cryptocurrency data and services, with recent expansion into Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

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