Soulja’s new song expresses his love for Bitcoin and Litecoin

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Soulja Boy expresses his love for Bitcoin and Litecoin in his newest song titled “Bitcoin”.

DeAndre Cortez Way aka Soulja Boy releases a new album he’s been working for months, or probably years just recently. Titled “Young Drako”, the album may attract many crypto enthusiasts as one of the songs is about Bitcoin and his “passion” in it. 

“I made 100 racks off of bitcoin. You can catch me trapping with the bitcoin. You can catch me running up the bitcoin” is on the chorus and sung repeatedly.

In another line of the lyrics, it says, “Send it through the paypal, or the cash app”, which according to Ethereum World News, it refers to the Square Cash App. 

What’s also interesting is, aside from Bitcoin, Litecoin is also mentioned in the song, as the song lyrics says, “I got light coins, bitcoins, they my favorite ones”.

Enough for the talk, here’s the link to the lyrics to sing along with the award winning singer and rapper. Sing it like you mean it! 

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