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For the past year much of Justin Sun’s time was spent trash-talking Ethereum on Twitter, while talking up the future potential of his own TRON blockchain.

Such behaviour once made it easy to dismiss Sun as a mere troll, however it now looks like TRX might actually be gearing up to do battle with ETH based on its rapidly growing number of users and transactions.

TRX Transactions Soar

The amount of transactions on the TRON blockchain outnumbered that of Ethereum for the first time ever this week. In the three day period between Oct 18th and Oct 20th, TRX transactions outpaced their ETH counterparts by several tens of thousands.

The sudden jump in transactions comes in large part from the recently launched TRON-based gambling app, TRONbet. According to Sunday morning’s tweet from the TRONbet team:

“Amazing start for #TRON with doing almost 180k Txs a day! Almost 30% of all Txs! 165,000,000 $trx won by users. @justinsuntron @Tronfoundation has shown us the endless possibilities!”

The 180,000 transactions mentioned helped to boost total TRX transactions from 222,000 on October 17th, up to Friday’s peak of 630,000. Going back to October 10th, the total number of TRX transactions was in the 80,000 range, meaning the last ten days have seen a 687% increase to transaction volume.

Justin Sun marked the occasion with a celebratory tweet, stating:

“Ethereum has 82,418 Txs pending today. It is the second day that #TRON has surpassed #ETH in daily Txs. 10/18 #TRX 599,677 vs. ETH 565,971; 10/19 $TRX 630,018 vs. ETH 601,119. All ETH developers need to migrate to TRON immediately with 0 cost!”

Smart Contracts

One can only speculate on where the rest of the TRON transactions came from, but according to, the vast majority of them were triggered by smart contracts:

“Yesterday we had the highest spike of transactions on #TRON network with almost 600k transactions in a day! 77% of those transactions were Smart Contracts that were triggered!”

To provide some perspective, it took the TRON blockchain four months to achieve the number of transactions that Ethereum achieved in nearly three and a half years.

A skeptic may demand to know exactly where these transactions are coming from, after all, even Ethereum has seen huge increases to transaction volumes thanks purely to pointless smart contracts which move the same funds between multiple addresses.

As covered here previously, October has been a productive month for TRON. The number of accounts created on the blockchain recently outpaced EOS, gaining 100,000 more new accounts than EOS in the previous four month period.

Meanwhile, a quick glance at Google Trend analysis for ‘TRON’ searches compared to ‘Ethereum’ reveals that TRON is being searched for more than its older counterpart.

The chart shows the same pattern for ‘TRX’ searches compared to ‘ETH’.

Disclaimer: The author owns bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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