Litecoin [LTC] creator explains the reason he does not like the term ‘Bitcoin Cash’

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Recently, Roger Ver, CEO of debated with Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin [LTC] about Lee’s reason for not considering Bitcoin Cash as the real Bitcoin.

Lee revealed that he does not like the term ‘Bitcoin Cash’ because of the confusion it creates in the community, with some people referring to it as the original Bitcoin [BTC]. He said:

“For language, confusion is bad. If a merchant says I said Bitcoin and the person buying whatever product says, you said Bitcoin Cash and the merchant will be like, I said Bitcoin and Cash. Is that what you mean? And then it gets confusing. And if the sender sends Bitcoin Cash, the merchant didn’t get it because he only accepts Bitcoin. It’s just not good for communication.”

Lee further added that a member of the community suggested to term Bitcoin Cash as ‘BCash’ because of the confusion. This was followed by Ver claiming that changing in nomenclature was an “intentional social media manipulation campaign”. Ver continued to say that the Bitcoin community deliberately registered Bitcoin Cash as BCash on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms, calling it an “orchestrated intentional campaign”.

The CEO said:

“It was an intentional effort to have the name of Bitcoin Cash become BCash and to steer all people that were looking into that particular fork or that particular version of Bitcoin.”

In response to this statement, Lee spoke about trying to propagate Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin. He said:

“On the other side, there is a campaign to steer Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin. And to confuse people to saying, from to saying Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. From Bitcoin’s Twitter account to saying Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin”

Ver responded by saying that he is not associated with the Bitcoin Twitter handle. He went on to say that the community on the internet believe that he is associated with the account irrespective of him not owning or paying for the account. This was followed by Charlie Lee stating that he does not believe that Ver is associated with the Twitter account.

Roger further asked Charlie’s definition of Bitcoin, to which he stated that it was “what the majority of the people” thought. He further elaborated by giving an example of word ‘Crypto’ and how it was called cryptography prior to the arrival of cryptocurrency. According to Charlie, time changes a lot of things and it was important to follow the consensus. He added:

“So if you stick to the old definition of crypto, you can confuse people and that’s not good. So, if Bitcoin Cash eventually does become Bitcoin then everyone will call that Bitcoin and not Bitcoin Cash.”

According to Roger, the real Bitcoin was the one that satisfied the underlying fundamental characteristics which were mentioned in the Bitcoin whitepaper. The fundamental characteristics were: P2P Electronic Cash System, Low Fees, Fast Payments, Reliable Payments, On Chain Scaling, Non-Reversible Payments, Chain of digital signatures, Op Codes Enabled, SHA-256. Roger stated that Bitcoin [BTC] failed to satisfy eight of these criterias, whereas Bitcoin Cash [BCH] failed to satisfy one criteria.