RaspiBlitz Node Adds Litecoin Lightning Network Setup Support Using RaspberryPi Module

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An announcement made on the official Medium page of Litecoin Foundation, Litecoin Lightning Network will be added RaspiBlitz node. The idea arose from the Lightning Hackaday held in NYC earlier in the year hosted by Christian Rotzoll’ and ‘FulmoLightning’.

The RaspiBlitz has been famed for its fast and cheap way to integrate the Bitcoin Lightning Network Node and add Litecoin to it. Through the RaspberryPi module, users will be granted access to set up a similar, Litecoin Lightning Node. The full tutorial to setting up the Litecoin Lightning node is on the Litecoin official GitHub page.


Rotzoll wrote the explanation saying,

“The RaspiBlitz serves as a shortcut through this setup process with some changes and an additional LCD display so that you can quickly experiment with a Lightning node and start working on your LApps on a hacking event (or at home). This shortcut is fine for testnet usage and maybe trying some small things on mainnet. But if you choose to go full reckless afterwards … please consider taking the time and work thru the original RaspiBolt project. Don’t trust us, verify.”

Further in his statement on why Litecoin and Bitcoin are the only coins with the Lightning network node ability is partly due to the similarity Bitcoin and Litecoin share in technicalities and the platform as well as the company’s efforts to support Litecoin.

Litecoin blockchain will heavily benefit from the instant atomic swaps among peer to peer networks while multiple digital assets will be traded to LTC. Litecoin on its part offers a fully decentralized platform and is currently listed across a number of exchanges across the globe which gives the coin high liquidity for easy use by merchants, individuals or corporations.

Lightning Labs is able to easily maintain support of the two blockchains mainly due to the similarity between BTC and LTC networks.