Odyssey (OCN) vs WePower (WPR); A New Age Of Promising Altcoins – Crypto Recorder

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Towards the end of 2017 and at the beginning of 2018, the world of altcoins booming. There were too many altcoins to count, each with its own unique project and each promising a better future. During that time, most were soaring and investors couldn’t be happier. However, before investors could settle down for 2018, the crypto market was shaken and most of these altcoins shed off 90% of their value. Some went as far as to lose their entire value and die. Among the few that have survived the bearish markets seen throughout the year is Odyssey (OCN) and WePower (WPR). The two coins offer real value with the projects that back them and they have remained strong throughout the year.

WePower; The Power Of Green Energy

WePower is a green energy platform that utilizes blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency project is created with a peer-to-peer marketplace with electricity in mind. Currently, the world is faced by electricity shortage even though very little green energy is utilized. The crypto space, in particular, has been criticized for its wastefulness with electricity consumption. So why not use green energy? This is what the WePower project has managed to do.

In addition, the marketplace is designed to be a financing platform for green energy projects. When investors connect with project developers, contracts are executed in Ethereum based ERC20 tokens.

The project plans to build power hydro, tidal, solar and wind power using the money raised from purchasing WPR tokens, and a token holder will be able to redeem tokens for the power which the power plants produce. They can also alternatively trade the tokens on the marketplace.

At the time of press, the coin is soaring by nearly 7% and is trading at $0.026151with a market cap of $12,529,235.

Odyssey; The Age Of Sharing

Since the launch of the World Wide Web, humans have been sharing not just information but about everything. The dawn of the World Wide Web gave people the power of peer-to-peer networking and over time the amount of data that we share has continued to increase. The developers of the project envision a world where one owns a little bit of everything and has no private ownership of anything. In essence, removing the economy based on private ownership.

According to the projects Whitepaper, they expect that in the future, sharing will become the norm and private ownership will be a luxury. The merit to this is that one can adjust their expenses flexibly in accordance with their demand. One will not have to buy what they don’t need or use regularly. A great example of this is with Uber and Airbnb. Since one does not use cars or hotels regularly, one can share it, giving you a flexible expense budget according to demand.

Odyssey’s ecosystem relies on three people; service providers, customers, and reviewers. The service provider will use tokenized assets to offer their services for sharing, just like Uber lets you catch a ride on their platform. Customers can then buy the services for certain periods as per demand requires. And the reviewers are the moderates of the system and ensure that quality is maintained throughout the network.

At the time of press, the coin is soaring by nearly 8% and is trading at $0.008152 with a market cap of $38,720,126.