Coinbase will now support crypto-to-GBP trading pairs for all coins

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According to BCFocus, Coinbase is expanding to add crypto-GBP trading pairs for all assets listed on the exchange.

While Coinbase Pro already featured a number of GBP-crypto trading pairs, exchanging British Pounds for crypto will be offered for all tokens, and for any trader on the platform. This represents an upgrade for crypto traders in the UK, because there will no longer be a need to convert from Pounds to Euros in order to trade crypto, or vice versa. The exchange boasts that this will keep transaction times under 30 minutes for such users.

This news comes after earlier this week Coinbase announced that they were rolling out a suite of features which make it easier for inexperienced traders to get in on the action, and follows today their announcement that they are offering informational packets for the top 50 cryptotokens.

These announcement seem to demonstrate that Coinbase is positioning itself to expand its clientele to anyone attempting to begin trading crypto, hoping apparently to be the go-to exchange for the flood of new investors in the crypto space.

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